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Battery Pre-Installation

Battery Site Survey

Before you schedule your installation, you will need to complete a Site Survey. A Site Surveyor will come and gather the information, photos, ect. and will require you to be home so that you can provide access to the required areas unless the site surveyed is able to access all areas needed without you there.

Post-Site Survey

Based on your Site Survey, the design team will assess your home's electrical system and include any electrical upgrades needed in your proposal. At this time, they will also determine the number of batteries you need based on your home usage. Before moving forward, you will review and approve the design.

Pre-Installation: Prepare Your Home

To ensure quick and efficient installation, clear the ground, wall space and any key access points for installers to work. Some installers may use a small dolly to move a battery around. Minimum clearances required for installation of a battery is shown below.


Pre-Installation: Internet Access

A Battery requires an active Internet connection (wired or wireless), which allows you to monitor your Battery system. Identify where your home router is located and have login information available.

While a wired home network is preferred for best performance, if one is not available, batteries can use an internal cellular connection to the Internet.

Once you've prepared your home, see what to expect on your installation day of your Battery.

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