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Process Overview

Buying solar panels from GPS is fast and simple. We use an In-Home and virtual process to provide you the best value system and fastest time to installation. After you sign the paperwork, you can contact your Energy Consultant by text, or by email or phone – otherwise, we will let you know when your installation is ready to be scheduled.

  • Step 1: Schedule Your Consultation. We will need to have a copy of the past 12 months of electricity usage prior to this appointment. We will use this information to get a proposal ready to exact fit your home's electricity consumption and increase your savings.

  • Step 2: Virtual or Home Consultation. We will either meet with you in your home or over zoom for a consultation to go over what going solar would look like, show you your proposal and savings, and finish the paperwork. Once this is done we will initiate the process of your solar system installation.

  • Step 3: Installation. When your system is ready to install,  we collaborate on a date. Installation is finished the same day for most systems, and you only need to be at the house during the first hour.

GPS will work with your local city to arrange for an inspection after the installation is completed.

Utility Approval
Tesla will work with your local utility company to get permission to operate your system. Depending on your location, this may take from 1 to 6 weeks.

  • Step 4: Power On! Most utilities require an interconnection agreement before you can turn on the system. GPS will let you know when you have permission from your utility company to turn on your system.

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