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What to Expect After Installation

After installation, you will be contacted to go through a final building inspection. Once inspection is complete, we will need to receive permission to operate (PTO) from your utility. 

Inspection Day Checklist

  • Ensure no other contractors or workers are on-site during your solar inspection.

  • Provide safe access to your electrical panel.

  • Contact GPS if work has been done to your home since you installed your system.

  • Ensure someone 18 years or older is home for the inspection.

  • Please keep any pets away from the inspection area.

Payment Details

Cash Payment

100% will be due at the time of inspection (typically within a week or two after the installation has been completed).

Loan Payment

Your first loan payment is typically due 60-90 days after the loan start date. Refer to your loan documentation for your specific payment terms.

Utility Standards and Approval

GPS will work with your local utility company to get permission to operate (PTO) your system. Depending on your location, this may take from one to six weeks. GPS will notify you as soon as PTO has been granted.

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